Art Toppling Tobacco

I won second place in the Art Toppling Tobacco Prize with this referential piece! This is such a great competition and cause, and the message is really important.



Despite the very real dangers, people continue to smoke. Consumers keep buying and tobacco companies thrive; we need to stop people before they start.
Using pop culture to illustrate the finality of smoking, this piece draws on both the content and title of the well-known reference. Leveraging this particular series is apt, but its real strength is the juxtaposition of fictional Ad Men who sell us the false positives of smoking, and the reality that the characters reflect. Even without understanding the reference, the message is clear.
If you smoke, you are a MAD MAN.

Judges comments:
This is a very clever retort to a TV show that glamorised smoking: Mad Men. The show did it in a way that was almost deliberately provocative and invited us to be disbelieving about how things once were – along with the sexism and racism it portrayed – but inevitably it made smoking look cool. This image, that mimics the open credits of Mad Men, reminds us of the inevitable end point for most of those characters as a result of their heavy smoking.

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